Make Your Dog Smile

Where the dog is EVERYTHING!

Services offered are one to one dog training & dog classes, workshops & personal TTouch sessions and dog grooming!

Make Your Dog Smile offers their services in Co Donegal, Co Leitrim, Co Sligo and Co Fermanagh.

About Make Your Dog Smile

Since 2005 Jetta has worked with dogs. She started in boarding kennels and while there got into her studies in dog behaviour. To expand her knowledge and get more experience with dogs Jetta did a grooming course in 2008. This course also covered canine first aid which she refreshed in 2012. Through the years Jetta has attended seminars and courses run by Ian Dunbar, David Appleby, John Rogerson, Susan Friedman, Chirag Patel and Sarah Whitehead to name but a few.

2011 Jetta qualified as a registered Tellington TTouch Companion Animal Practitioner P1 having studied under Robyn Hood and Edie-Jane Eaton.

Jetta has an Advanced Award in Canine Health and Welfare by COAPE. And at the moment she is continuing her studies to get a certificate as a Pet Behaviour Consultant. Jetta is a member of TTouch Guild, Pet Professional Guild and IPDGA.

As a true dog lover, Jetta works with several dog charities to ensure that dogs who need help get the care and attention that they need. She also supports the Cool to be Kind campaign and is owned by two marvellous “mutts” who keep her life lively and interesting!