Make Your Dog Smile

Where the dog is EVERYTHING!

Services offered are one to one dog training & dog classes, workshops & personal TTouch sessions and dog grooming!

Make Your Dog Smile offers their services in Co Donegal, Co Leitrim, Co Sligo and Co Fermanagh.

Dog Grooming

Jetta has worked as a dog groomer since 2008. Grooming is done by appointment only and in a peaceful home environment. During the grooming, Jetta uses TTouch to help concerned and worried dogs.

Every dog with an appointment will be treated as the individuals they are and the grooming session is catered accordingly.

At the moment Jetta only caters for small to medium-sized dogs and prices for grooming start from €30.00. Prices vary according to the dogs breed, coat condition, behaviour and services required.



Due to the Covid-19 pandemic the way in which I work and groom your dogs has changed. It must be clearly understood that clients wishing to have their dogs groomed do so at their own risk and must agree to the terms and conditions.

Anybody self-isolating, classed as vulnerable or showing any symptoms, MUST NOT under any circumstances attend a grooming appointment.

On arrival all clients must follow all hygiene procedures put in place to minimise cross contamination. Clients entering are recommended to wear a face mask, but this is voluntary. Dogs can enter as they are.

I require at least 24hrs notice of cancellations failure to do so will result in a cancellation fee payable before any further appointments can be made. You MUST drop off/pick up at the stated time. Any dogs arriving late may have to be rebooked and a late fee will apply to cover loss of earnings. Uncollected dogs will be charged a sitting fee as this may result in the next client having to be postponed or even cancelled!

It is a client’s responsibility to ensure their dog is fit and healthy and must notify me of any issues prior to their appointment. Grooming of sick or elderly dogs is entirely at owner’s risk. Grooming may expose underlying skin or health problems that I cannot be held liable for. Whilst every care and attention is given to your dog they are accepted at your own risk. My first concern is the welfare of your dog, so in the event of illness or injury a vet may be called in and unless it can be clearly shown that I am liable, all costs in connection and carrying out their instruction shall be at the owner’s expense.

All dogs are treated as the individuals they are, and grooming price will depend on the coat condition and behaviour. Please also bear in mind that Make Your Dog Smile is a force free establishment, so everything is done on the dog’s terms.

Many thanks for your co-operation.